Manufacturing Photovoltaic Panels and Components

Photovoltaic Panels & Components

PV Manufacturing, Project and Product Consulting

Our photovoltaic panels or PV solar modules are used for a wide range of applications including: Grid connected, Off grid battery charging; Water pumping, Traffic and Telecommunications. Our photovoltaic panels are manufactured in ISO 9001 facilities and carry UL,CE, IEC & C1DIV2 certifications.

Standard Photovoltaic Panels - Available PV solar modules range from 2W to 230W.

Branded Photovoltaic Panels - Available with multiple listing certifications.

Custom Photovoltaic Panels - PV solar modules available in any configuration, size or shape.

PV Solar Module Kits - Ready for local assembly, in many configurations.

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PV ManufacturingWe offer comprehensive engineering on photovoltaic panels and PV projects that require system sizing, system design, product selection and system performance monitoring.

Our engineers will evaluate the project and assist you to choose the right technology for the situation.

Photovoltaic Cells

Photovoltaic cells are available in either multi-crystalline or mono- crystalline. PV cells are available in small quantities to accommodate prototyping activities. PV Glass, Aluminum Frames, Tedlar, TPT, TPE, and EVA are also available. Our PV materials are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Specifications and pricing are available on request at

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