Solar Panel Training

Our photovoltaic modules are used for a wide range of applications including: Grid connected, Off grid battery charging; Water pumping, Traffic and Telecommunications.
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Solar Panel Training

XC3 International, photovoltaic manufacturers and consultants in the world’s fastest growing energy technology, are pleased to offer Courses in The Sales and Marketing of Photovoltaics solar products Training

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Solar Panel Training

XC3i offers Solar Power Solutions for a Wide Range Residential, Commercial and Industrial Applications. Both ON and OFF Grid products are available
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Photovoltaic Manufacturers & Consultants

XC3 International, photovoltaic manufacturers and PV consultants in the world’s fastest growing energy technology, is your source for photovoltaic panels, modules and cells as well as for PV consulting and solar renewable energy training.

Photovoltaic Manufacturers & Suppliers

XC3i provides clients with a reliable source for the design and manufacturing of photovoltaic panels and components. Whether you need contract PV manufacturing of custom, large scale, on or off grid photovoltaic modules or you are looking for standard photovoltaic panels for sale, you’ve found the optimal supplier. Even small, battery charging modules can be purchased, and resellers are welcomed.

PV Consultants

If you want to start your own solar business, or boost an existing one, XC3i can assist. Services provided by knowledgeable PV consultants range from sales and marketing approaches to business plans and detailed factory designs. Consulting services are tailored to fit whatever area of the solar energy industries you plan to enter.

If you’re unsure what specific type of solar business you want to start, XC3i can help you evaluate the best opportunities available and determine strategic competitive advantages.

Renewable Energy Training

Gain a working knowledge of the solar energy industries through online renewable energy training. If you are an entrepreneur starting your own solar business, someone considering a career in the field, or you’re simply interested in learning about the products and opportunities in solar energy industries, the online renewable energy training is for you.

XC3i also provides custom corporate training programs administered online, at the training center in California or New Mexico, or at your selected facility.

Our Name

We often get asked how we arrived at the name XC3. In short, it means 93. We wanted a name that stood out from the 'solar industry crowd' yet had a meaning. Basically, XC is the Roman numerals for 90 plus 3 = 93. The sun is 93 million miles from the earth. That's how we arrived at XC3.

To inquire about photovoltaic manufacturing, consulting, training or products, contact XC3 International.